Building A Mobile Website For The Smartphone Visitor

Appealing to the Mobile Visitor Mind Set

So, you’ve decided it’s time to address your mobile website visitors properly, huh?

Well, your visitors will thank you and this is why…

Mobile visitors now account for 15-20% of your traffic. By 2015, mobile searches will account for more searches than searches done on laptops and desktops. That’s pretty significant isn’t it?

Mobile Visitors Require A Different Experience

What is very important to understand is that people finding your website from a mobile device have different needs than someone searching from a normal computer. They require a different user experience.

The good news is that now that you are building your mobile website we can make sure that these interests are looked after properly. Read More »

InstantMobile: Functions, facts & business benefits

Mobile Marketing SolutionsInstantMobile is your one stop shop for all of your mobile needs. We offer a diverse set of features to our clients looking to convert their existing websites or create new platforms. Going mobile is something that an increasing number of companies are doing, as this is what consumers are saying they want (in light of a wealth of surveys). If you are looking to expand your business, and want a solid foundation for securing your customers’ interests, let us help create your mobile site today. Within minutes, you can craft a customized platform tailored to your specific needs. Here are just some of the features we offer, and why they matter for business today. Read More »

How to Create Engaging Mobile Ads

Mobile AdvertisingTraditional advertising cannot compete with the advances of modern technology. They require valuable time and resources that are better served elsewhere, and above all, they pale in comparison to the ROI mobile advertising campaigns provide. Marketing your business has never been easier, but there are ways it can be done wrong. When creating a mobile ad campaign, there are some important points to take into consideration. Not having a sound marketing strategy from the beginning can lead to failures later on. Marketing online certainly does have many advantages over print, television, or radio venues, but that does not mean its fool proof. Here are some helpful tips for initiating your campaign. Read More »