Tips to Enhance Your Mobile SEO Strategy

For some companies, 30% of all searches are coming from mobile devices. In the marketing world, that’s a number that can translate into an increase in revenue if used properly. Optimizing your SEO for this trend can help boost your traffic, and here’s how.

Equality Counts, Except in Size

For the most part, treat your mobile SEO in the same way you would with a desktop site. The same stats that matter for desktop sites are going to matter on mobile sites. This means that Google is going to treat keywords, content, links, and search engine accessibility in the same way it would for a desktop site.

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The Future of Mobile: 2013 Rising Trends

Recent science has allowed epileptic patients to select words on a screen by using the power of their mind. Never before has such a precise selection of words been possible, and it shows us how much the world is changing. Technology is advancing faster than we can read the reviews, including the future of the mobile experience and here are a few of the trends that may take the world by storm this year.

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Should Your Company Build a Mobile App or a Mobile Website?

Mobile trends are sweeping across the online world at the speed of light. It’s impossible, and a death sentence, to deny that companies need to create a mobile presence. But should it be an app or a website?

What can you Offer?

The first question to ask yourself is what kind of service are you offering, and how would you like it presented to a user? Keep in mind that studies have been done on how users prefer to experience their online world. Users tend to prefer mobile browsers for doing tasks like shopping, entertainment and searching, and they prefer mobile apps when they manage their data, navigate, and keep in contact with others.

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Is Your Business Ready to go Mobile?

Star Trek hit the nail on the head when they portrayed every crew member with their own personal communicator. 30 years into the future, few people are without their cell phones and the great majority of them use them for everything from phone calls to email to browsing. This makes it imperative that a company fast forward into the 21st century and go mobile. But is your business ready for it?

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