The Future of Mobile: 2013 Rising Trends

Recent science has allowed epileptic patients to select words on a screen by using the power of their mind. Never before has such a precise selection of words been possible, and it shows us how much the world is changing. Technology is advancing faster than we can read the reviews, including the future of the mobile experience and here are a few of the trends that may take the world by storm this year.

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Is Your Business Ready to go Mobile?

Star Trek hit the nail on the head when they portrayed every crew member with their own personal communicator. 30 years into the future, few people are without their cell phones and the great majority of them use them for everything from phone calls to email to browsing. This makes it imperative that a company fast forward into the 21st century and go mobile. But is your business ready for it?

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InstantMobile: Functions, facts & business benefits

Mobile Marketing SolutionsInstantMobile is your one stop shop for all of your mobile needs. We offer a diverse set of features to our clients looking to convert their existing websites or create new platforms. Going mobile is something that an increasing number of companies are doing, as this is what consumers are saying they want (in light of a wealth of surveys). If you are looking to expand your business, and want a solid foundation for securing your customers’ interests, let us help create your mobile site today. Within minutes, you can craft a customized platform tailored to your specific needs. Here are just some of the features we offer, and why they matter for business today. Read More »