What AdWords Enhanced Campaigns Mean for your Small Business

If you haven’t heard already, Google unveiled Enhanced Campaigns for AdWords February 6th, followed by a lot of Google-fueled hype and a healthy dose of skepticism from the Internet marketing community. For many small business owners and part-time AdWords users, it can be difficult to understand what this new rollout really means, and how it will affect your overall AdWords strategy. Simply put, Enhanced Campaigns is a response to an increasingly multi-device way of life, and is Google’s first step in unifying the desktop and mobile AdWords targeting strategy.

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Smartphone Users Spend More Time Browsing On Mobile

Smartphone Users Spend More Time Browsing on MobileIf you have read any articles or watched the news recently, you probably have heard of the “mobile” craze. Smartphones are becoming increasingly popular among consumers, and one of the key reasons for their rising sales is due to the presence of web-based applications. The iPhone and Android platforms are launching new apps on a daily basis, all of which are tailored to target specific consumer niches. The ability to quickly access information or make purchases on the go is one thing people are simply going crazy for. The statistics for mobile use are staggering, but what’s more interesting (and compelling) is that it’s continuing to climb on a daily basis. Read More »

Why Your Business Needs a Mobile Website

Mobile WebsiteThere is something to be said about having a mobile website. In fact, there are many things to be said. The importance of going mobile cannot be compressed into this article, but it should shed some light on the growing need for having a portable website. No matter what industry you’re in, there are no negative side effects to taking this route. In essence, you are hurting yourself by not having a mobile-ready site, because they are now where most people obtain information and make purchases. Read More »

Building A Mobile Website For The Smartphone Visitor

Appealing to the Mobile Visitor Mind Set

So, you’ve decided it’s time to address your mobile website visitors properly, huh?

Well, your visitors will thank you and this is why…

Mobile visitors now account for 15-20% of your traffic. By 2015, mobile searches will account for more searches than searches done on laptops and desktops. That’s pretty significant isn’t it?

Mobile Visitors Require A Different Experience

What is very important to understand is that people finding your website from a mobile device have different needs than someone searching from a normal computer. They require a different user experience.

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Not having a mobile website is no longer an option

By the end of this year, there will be more mobile devices in use than there are human beings on Earth.  Within five years, smartphones will be able to make payments at all major retailers in Asia, North America, Europe, and the Middle East.  Within ten years, smartphones will have largely replaced debit cards, credit cards, and even cash.

As smartphones take the place of our wallets, they will become standard personal items for billions of people.
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Is your Business Ready for the Mobile Primetime?

A major shift in global transactions is coming.  The rise of payments by mobile devices will be at least as significant as the rise of credit and debit cards, maybe more.  However, it will also be more complicated.

Competing Standards

The competing standards of the credit card world are fairly simple.  Each standard has a brand: Mastercard, Visa, Amex, etc.  However the standards of the emerging mobile payment marketplace are going to be much more complex.

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