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How to Create Engaging Mobile Ads

Mobile AdvertisingTraditional advertising cannot compete with the advances of modern technology. They require valuable time and resources that are better served elsewhere, and above all, they pale in comparison to the ROI mobile advertising campaigns provide. Marketing your business has never been easier, but there are ways it can be done wrong. When creating a mobile ad campaign, there are some important points to take into consideration. Not having a sound marketing strategy from the beginning can lead to failures later on. Marketing online certainly does have many advantages over print, television, or radio venues, but that does not mean its fool proof. Here are some helpful tips for initiating your campaign.

What does a successful mobile advertisement look like?

  • Use rich media
  • Incorporate videos into your ads
  • Grab your customer’s attention and hold onto it
  • Integrate social media

Mobile advertising is still advertising, and as such necessitates a message that is relevant to the target audience. The foundation of any business-consumer relationship is founded on trust, and the best way to get your customers to trust you is by simply being trustworthy. With mobile advertisements, the importance of establishing instant trust is vital. Don’t throw information at your customers, hoping that you might be able to snag a few out of the bunch. You need to present it in a way that people can interact. Successful advertising is not based on a one-way street method of thinking.

Make your mobile ad accessible as well as informative. A great way to do this is by using rich media, or media that is digitally interactive vs. being static. If you are promoting a product or service, you may want to offer a free downloadable e-book that provides additional information. Likewise, you can embed a video into the ad that demonstrates a sample of what your customers can expect to receive when making their purchase.

In line with this point, video is a great resource to use in your mobile ads. Why? Consider the screen sizes your viewers are working with. An ad that is flooded with text or data can be difficult to read. Furthermore, the likelihood that the viewer will be able to absorb everything within the allotted time is subsequently reduced. Videos are very effective ways to get information across quickly and accurately. They are also more engaging and tend to secure the attention of onlookers more so than static print. According to mobile marketing expert Christina Kerley, video is “not too copy-heavy, and it gets the point across” (BtoB).

The trick is to grab your viewers’ attention and to imprinting a lasting effect long after the ad is over. Consider incorporating links to your social networking pages like Facebook and Twitter. A business that does this is often deemed more trustworthy and relevant that one that does not. Step into shoes of the consumer when crafting your mobile ad, as this is the best way for understanding what you need.

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