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Google Maps is the #2 mobile app – What does that mean for your business?

Google Maps is the No. 2 mobile app – What does that mean for your business?

Are you on the map? The Google map that is. If you want your business to be visible online (literally), you need to mark your spot. Google Maps is being used by more and more people, especially in the local search arena. The days of sifting through the phonebook to find what you need are over. With the click of a button, users can find the company they need and all of their relevant contact information (location, phone number, email, etc). Getting directions is made super easy due to the Google’s integrated GPS tool, which can be activated instantly when locating a business.

The little red pin marker is sprouting up everywhere, and there is much to be said about its importance for mobile marketing. When on the go, there is no easier or more efficient way to find a company when you need it. The benefits of this application are immense, and that is perhaps why it is currently rated the second most popular in its category. One thing is for certain. Your business may not be on the map, but there are many potential customers searching for it.

Why is it importance for your business to be on the map?

Aside from just being present on the map, which in itself is vital for marketing success, there are many features that you and your users can utilize. For instance, the development of Google+ Local, a project formed by merging Google+ Pages and Google Places, allows users to easily browse and save their favorite location on a unique interface. Your customers also have the ability to rate your business directly from the application, which will then show in the reviews box directly under your link. Another beneficial addition is the presence of voice search, which is an important tool when one is on the road. Everything from initiating the search to getting directions to your location can be handled automatically. Users don’t need to touch a button, and that is why this application is holding its coveted spot on the app list.

Local customers are the ones a majority of businesses rely on for the bulk of their sales. Acting locally by being there for them when they need your product/service requires making the process easier. Search is not something people expect to take a long time. It is supposed to be efficient and quick, and Google Maps is a great way to make that happen. There are many surveys floating around that demonstrate the reach of mobile application use, and they are worth taking the time to read. Google Search and Google maps were on the top 10 list for the most mobile sites a couple of years ago, and their rank have only increased since. Thus, if you are a new start-up or haven’t yet made the transition to mobile, Google is a good place to begin.

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