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Should Your Company Build a Mobile App or a Mobile Website?

Mobile trends are sweeping across the online world at the speed of light. It’s impossible, and a death sentence, to deny that companies need to create a mobile presence. But should it be an app or a website?

What can you Offer?

The first question to ask yourself is what kind of service are you offering, and how would you like it presented to a user? Keep in mind that studies have been done on how users prefer to experience their online world. Users tend to prefer mobile browsers for doing tasks like shopping, entertainment and searching, and they prefer mobile apps when they manage their data, navigate, and keep in contact with others.

What can Apps and Websites Offer?

MDG has created a graphic that illustrates the different options and principles that govern them. To give a summary, each option has its drawbacks and advantages, and your needs and resources will help determine which is better for you.

You can check out the graphic here: [Read:Mobile Site or Mobile App: Which Should You Build First?]

For Mobile Websites

Mobile sites are going to be the most cost effective option. Greater resources are needed to develop mobile apps.

Mobile websites can be used regardless of the type platform the user has. Mobile apps need to be available and downloaded from the platform provider, such as Android, Apple and Blackberry.

Only a single mobile website will have to be created; whereas, with a mobile app, multiple apps will have to be created so they are compatible with the various platforms.

For Mobile Apps

On the side of apps, the speed, quality and performance of an app will outweigh that of the mobile website. Mobile websites are written in a code that prevents mobile sites from performing at the same level as a mobile app.

Once the app has been downloaded, there is no need to re-navigate to the site because it will provide a one-click easy access icon. Users can sometimes have a hard time creating bookmarks with mobile sites and will have to input the web address each time they wish to visit.

There are many apps that don’t even require an internet access, and can be used no matter where you are. Mobile websites will always require an internet connection.

The Choice is Yours

If you are a small business, websites are going to be the most cost effective option for you. Mobile websites have the best reach when it comes to users, but new trends might change this with apps becoming more popular with online users.

Of course, in order to capitalize on the whole industry, a company may choose to invest in both a mobile app and a mobile website. If the resources exist, it is a great way to make sure that every user gets the best possible experience in the way they prefer.

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