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Tips to Enhance Your Mobile SEO Strategy

For some companies, 30% of all searches are coming from mobile devices. In the marketing world, that’s a number that can translate into an increase in revenue if used properly. Optimizing your SEO for this trend can help boost your traffic, and here’s how.

Equality Counts, Except in Size

For the most part, treat your mobile SEO in the same way you would with a desktop site. The same stats that matter for desktop sites are going to matter on mobile sites. This means that Google is going to treat keywords, content, links, and search engine accessibility in the same way it would for a desktop site.

The big difference is that you’re going to need to use your real-estate a little better on a mobile site, since the amount of room you can use for content is greatly reduced. With that in mind, the length of titles and descriptions will have to change, but keep the same effectiveness for a good SEO strategy.

Know The Beast You’re Hunting

The mobile search experience is different than a PC search experience for two reasons: users are more compelled to use shorter keyword terms and rely more on autocomplete feature on Google. Users’ phrases are, on average, 25% shorter than a phrase used on a desktop. Make sure you know these tail phrases that get typed in and use them in your SEO strategy.

Don’t know your keywords? Type in your keywords into Google and see what the Google Autocomplete feature comes up with. These are phrases you’ll likely want to use in your SEO.

Socially Linked

Everybody wants to be entertained, and that’s why you need to link your mobile site to every social outlet. Embedding social media links are a great way to increase the amount of traffic and exposure your site gets.

Format Attraction

Is your site attractive to users? If you’re not sure, you might want to take steps to find out if your users are having a positive experience with your site. You can check out this link for access to a tool, Mobile Moxie, which tests how user friendly your site is: [Read: Quick Guide to Smartphone & Mobile SEO ]

It’s not enough to simply retrofit a website so that everything fits onto a mobile site. An effective mobile site should be developed.

Tools, Tools, Tools

There are multiple tools out there you can use to gather information on how your mobile website is doing. Google Webmaster tools allow you to filter searches so that only mobile results show up in searches.

Google Analytics can provide various pieces of information, like which platform people are using to access your site, the resolutions, the provider and the operating system. This can help you determine which content on your site is effective, and whom it is the most effective for.

With these tools you can begin to ask yourself if you are getting the amount of traffic you should be getting, and improve the ways you direct the traffic to your site. Maybe you need to expand into other areas and the Google Analytics tools helps you nail down some answers to these questions.

URL Linking

Be sure that all the links on your mobile site link to other sites that are mobile-friendly. Even if they are a fantastic site, they are useless if a user can’t link to them on their smartphone.

With these tips, you are well on your way to re-defining the way that people interact with your website and a better SEO strategy.

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